October 29, 2021

Smart ways to bring your old (and forgotten) Android smartphone to life!

The time has come that you have been waiting for so long, as you have decided to buy a new powerful smartphone that will replace your old device. Once you get your new cell phone, then the next thought that comes to your mind is what to do with your older device, give it to a friend or relative or even sell it (if it is in good condition). However, donating or selling your smartphone is not the only option you have in your hands, as you can turn it into something more useful and use it completely differently. Here are 9 smart waysto give new life to your older Android smartphones… Besides, you should not forget that even the smartphones from three years ago are in fact powerful handheld computers, with storage space and a camera.

Transform your old Android smartphone into a webcam!

Now that video conferencing applications are booming (Zoom, Skype, etc.), you can easily turn your older smartphone into a fully “capable” webcam. Many times the camera of your mobile phone can be cleaner than that of your laptop, so you do not lose anything by trying it.

Turn your old mobile into… Game Boy!  

If you have run out of retro cartridges from the golden age of Game Boy, you can very easily turn a smartphone you are not using into a fully functional Game Boy. All you need is to buy a special holder Smartboy of Hyperkin , which “reads” to comfort all the cartridges of Game Boy.

“Warehouse” of old photos!

Your photos and videos often take up plenty of storage space on your smartphone. So how would you like to transfer some of your older photos to your old cell phone? Not bad… You can easily take mobile photos with your new device and send them directly to your old mobile. Also, in case you have spent a respectable amount for its new “drum” flagship, it would be good to protect it a little more, so it would not be a bad idea when you go to the beach to use your older device.

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Old Android phone becomes… Google Home speaker!

In a very simple, inexpensive and smart way you can turn your old mobile phone into a remarkable Google Home speaker . All you have to do is download the latest update to Android OS and then connect your old device to a Bluetooth speaker. Now all you have to do is say “OK Google” and you είστε are ready!

Conversion to… remote control!

Undoubtedly, a remote control that can do everything offers tremendous convenience and comfort. Download a remote control app (such as iRule for example ) and control everything from your Xbox One and Smart TV to your home’s smart bulbs.

security camera?

Undoubtedly, there are many solutions in the field of home security, but if you want to play a little and at the same time use your older smartphone, you will certainly not lose if you transform your mobile phone into a remarkable home security camera . Download and install a security camera app like Alfred , check your home for a good spot to install it and then you can have full control over what happens in your home.

Baby Monitor… is it possible?

Do you want recent security for the little creature that just came into the world? In addition to the traditional baby monitors on the market, you can also use your older smartphone as a baby monitor. Download the Dormi app and just follow the instructions. The result will justify you!

Alternative wireless mouse!

It may sound crazy , but you can make your old cell phone behave like a mouse wireless mouse. Download the Remote Mouse app and once you do, connect your smartphone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network and you will have an additional mouse for… backup .

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 Music Player!

If you now own a new smartphone, then a very good solution to use your older device is to turn it into a… music player to listen to your favorite music tracks. After all, why carry your new expensive phone to the beach or at the gym when your older device is doing its job?