In the following lines we will try to understand the logic of the brain and see what we can do to make it forget or remember something.

. You can try to think of specific words and numbers with the help of sounds

Hans Eberstark – Australian linguist translator – uses this method to memorize words and numbers. He concentrates on the way the words sound (not on their spelling). Once you hear the word, you will probably remember it, even if you don’t know what it means.

2. You can force the brain to remember something

Our brain tries to protect us from unnecessary information. If we remember every little detail of our daily lives, we will probably go crazy. If you really want to remember something, you can try to repeat the situation or event periodically, as if telling it to someone. This is a cool trick that will convince your brain that the event in question is important to you.

3. Our brain remembers things that even we do not suspect.

Doctors instruct a patient suffering from amnesia to memorize a few words. He fails. Subsequently, however, he is given sentences with missing words that he has to fill in (the same ones he could not remember). The surprising thing in this case is that it succeeds. How so? The thing is, our brains remember things that even we don’t suspect.

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4. The brain connects new information with past experiences

Our brain constantly connects brand new information with our past experiences. Didn’t you notice it? Okay, remember the last time you watched TV or read a book. When you see a new actress, you immediately try to remember where you saw her. Or, for example, when you read a book, you try to compare the events that happen to the main characters with your own experiences. The more experience you have, the better your memory.

5. If you have difficulty remembering something, use images

This is a technique that people with photographic memory use constantly. They simply transform the information they need into a visual sequence of images. And you can try this method. Just connect a memory with a picture in your head. If you have a wild imagination, you will find that this method is easy to apply and is really effective.

6. If you are trying to think of something important, leave the rest of the world in the background

Any side sounds, even pleasant ones, distract your brain and prevent it from extracting the information you need. In such situations, he is not sure whether you want to remember these sounds or think of something important.’

7. Your brain remembers new information more easily if you have just eaten or are under stress

 Glucose in your body, which is the result of a good breakfast or lunch, helps you remember something much easier. Stress leads to the same effect. Emotional and stressful situations better trigger the process of forming memories.

8. If you have had to do intellectual rather than physical work all your life, most likely your memory will remain forever young

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Research shows that university professors can easily think of a specific paragraph of their lectures, even when they have retired. At the same time, people who have done physical work have greater memory problems as they get older.

9. We can remember different things and events simply because our brain forgets all the insignificant things

Our brain decides what information is important and where to store it. You will surely remember your wedding day or some stressful event. You will never be able to get rid of these memories. However, we easily forget boring events or routine activities. This is called the “delete effect”.

As for numbers, Hans replaces a number with the letter it looks like. For example, 7 can be remembered as L because they look similar when the week is reversed.

10. A state of severe depression and constant stress can destroy memory and the brain

Never forget that. No matter the situation, calm down, breathe, exhale. Help the brain figure out a way out of a situation. There is certainly one.