October 16, 2021

9 Best ideas to make money working from home

Working from home was already a trend even before the unexpected and very bad situation in which the world finds itself today. With the quarantine, many professionals had to adjust to the routine of the famous home office.

Others, however, were not so lucky. Losing their jobs and unable to go out to get one, the internet has become the place to look for new opportunities. On a positive note, it also made it possible for ideas to work at home in 2020 to emerge.

With more opportunities in remote work, many were able or able to invest their time and energy in a new business. Whether in your area of ​​expertise or a new experience, these ideas for working from home in 2020 can either help you make money in this quarantine, or become new and profitable careers.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some of the best ideas for working from home in 2020, check out:

1. Create a YouTube channel

You may think that YouTube has no more space, because there are already many channels, but this is where you make a mistake, new channels are born every day, leaving TV channels more and more obsolete.

YouTube can also be one of the best ideas for working from home. In it you can create content in video format and publish on your channel monetizing. Every time your AdSense account reaches $ 100, you can transfer it to your account, using a money order that, when converted to real, can earn you good money.

2. Blog creation

You can also create blogs to talk about topics you have mastered and are one of the first ways to allow you to monetize the content you produce. There are many ways to monetize a blog. Whether by inserting Google ad banners, selling sponsored publications, or including affiliate links, they generate commission for the content producer when a visitor clicks on the link and purchases the product.

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3. Website creation

You must think that to create a website you need to be a Web Designer, this is a thing of the past, nowadays, anyone can create a website, on the internet there is no lack of courses that teach you how to set one up. In addition, there are several services that make it possible to create all kinds of websites with ease.

In it you can talk about a subject you like, a virtual store to sell physical or digital products and even to display an online portfolio to show future employers or attract new clients to your freelance service.

4. Video editing

Unlike creating videos for social networks, video editing already works with ready-made recordings. In that case, you will take video recordings – like the ones made by Youtubers – and work on them so that they have the best possible result.

In this case, the only difference from one to the other is the objective. While the first is most requested by companies looking to sell on the internet, the second is in high demand by those who already work with content and cannot afford to waste so much time editing.

5. Create online courses

Do you have any specific skills or knowledge and want to monetize your usage? The natural way may seem to offer it as a service or to create a product. After all, it seems natural to sell crafts when you’re good at some handicrafts, right?

How about creating an online course on craft creation instead? In quarantine times, searches for tutorials related to manual skills increased considerably. We’ve never had as many aspiring bakers as today.

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You can be the person who will teach you!

6. Teaching online

The advantage of the online course is that you only need to record the lessons and make them available on the platforms mentioned in the previous item. Alternatively, you can choose to teach classes online and live.

Thus, you can create a relationship with students, in addition to generating extra income with your knowledge. In addition, it is worth mentioning that one option does not cancel the other.

You can very well sell your participation, presence and private mentoring at the same time that it offers courses recorded on the internet.

7. Work as a freelancer

Some of the services shown throughout the article can be provided on a freelance basis. That is, without employment.

Despite losing advantages such as scheduled vacations and thirteenth salary, others will be part of your routine. For example, the ability to adjust work to your routine, in addition to basically working at home being your own boss. This makes the famous “freelancer.com” one of the best ideas for working from home.

Skills such as web writing, design or content production are highly sought after on freelancing platforms. So it may be a good idea to invest some time in online courses specializing in these subjects.


8. Respond to online surveys

One of the most traditional ways to make money on the internet, paid surveys on the internet are organized by specialized marketing companies. These responses are sent to your customers and part of this remuneration goes to the respondent. That is: you.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that these surveys ask really personal questions, especially about your consumption habits and economic condition, such as income or household appliances that you have at home.

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Still, it is a relatively easy way to make money on the internet. But it’s worth remembering that you can’t get rich by answering research. Think of the activity as a way to make extra income online, as payments are made frequently and can be referred to a digital bank.

9. Set up an online store

An online store can be a good way to generate money online quickly. With a digital sale, you have the chance to sell not only in your region, but with the whole of Brazil.

Depending on your product – especially if it’s a digital product – even for the entire world. The online store works in a similar way to a physical establishment. Your customer enters the site, sees the offers and options and, all working out, makes the purchase with you.

Of course, converting a visitor to your store into a customer rarely works like that, but there are plenty of tactics and strategies to be successful online with an online store.

Still, it is one of the best ideas for working from home in 2020, as it can provide income in the short term. Depending on the platform, you can still sell through a website and also through social networks like Instagram.