October 16, 2021

Apple has “one more thing” for us on November 10

So far this second half of 2020 Apple has already surprised us with three events: WWDC 2020, a hardware event where new iPads will be announced and the recent presentation of the four new 12th generation iPhones. And now Apple will host an event on November 10.

Throughout this year all kinds of accessories and devices have been rumored that have not yet been presented by the company of the forbidden apple. But for the first time this year, your MacBook laptops may be the main stars of the last event of the year for Apple.

Apple would present Apple Silicon processors and possible surprises

Under the slogan “One More Thing” or “One More Thing” Apple will be conducting what will most likely be its last event of this 2020. And the truth is that we expected one more event in view of all the rumors that still circulate about projects to about to materialize or already finalized waiting to be announced.

The case of AirTags is one of the most obvious. These accessories would stick to our generally most important devices and belongings to help us locate them from miles away. Rumors that there would be two models of AirTags of different sizes and more only reinforce its imminent advent.

But if we have to be guided by the latest reports, Apple will host an event on November 10 to focus on an especially important announcement: the presentation of Apple Silicon processors. Processors for laptops that will represent the independence of the Intel chips to install the company’s own chips.

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We’ve been used to Apple including its own SoCs in its popular iPhones for so many years that we forget that other devices aren’t at this stage yet. So far there is talk of a new 12-inch MacBook, a 13-inch MacBook Pro and also a 24-inch iMac, but we will have to wait until November 10 to find out.