October 16, 2021

Apple’s quarterly revenue rises sharply due to record revenue from Mac and services

Apple posted sales of $ 89.6 billion in the quarter. That is 54 percent more than in the same quarter a year earlier. Turnover rose sharply in all product categories. Macs and Services generated record sales.

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Products accounted for $ 72.7 billion in revenue and services accounted for $ 16.9 billion. Quarterly service revenues are a new record, 27 percent higher than a year ago. Apple still derives most of its revenue from the sale of iPhones; $ 47.9 billion in the past quarter. That is 66 percent higher than in the comparable quarter a year ago.

According to Apple, those high numbers are due to the success of the iPhone 12 series. The manufacturer does not mention sales numbers or details about specific models. The revenue from iPhones is also much higher than last year because the iPhone 12 series came out later than usual. As a result, the ‘balance for supply and demand’ was only achieved in the past quarter, Apple says.

Mac sales reached a record $ 9.1 billion. That is an increase of 70 percent compared to last year. Apple earned $ 7.8 billion from shipments of iPads, an increase of 79 percent. The Wearables, home and accessories category, which includes the Apple Watch, also performed well with $ 7.8 billion in sales and 25 percent growth.

According to Apple, three in four Watch buyers are new customers who have never owned an Apple Watch before. According to the manufacturer, this indicates that there is still a lot of growth possible in this segment. The net profit in the past quarter amounted to 23.6 billion dollars, or about 19.5 billion euros.

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