October 22, 2021

Breakfast, rich in protein, reduces hunger during the day

Who is the most important food which one should we consume during the day? Research shows that our breakfast should be especially rich in protein. This will increase the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which, in turn, will drastically reduce our hunger in the later hours.

“People miss breakfast for a variety of reasons. However, it only increases our hunger for food and especially for high-fat products. The results showed that if you eat healthy early in the morning, you will have less need for jam in the morning. of the day, ”explains Dr. Heather Lady, associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology.

It is no coincidence that dopamine is called the “hormone of happiness”. It is released even when you eat, and is able to control our desires for different types of products. For example, if you eat chocolate, a certain amount of dopamine will be released, which in turn will bring you a feeling of reward and satisfaction.

“Dopamine levels are blunted in people who are overweight or obese for health reasons. This means that much stronger stimulation (in this case – food) is needed to evoke the feeling of reward and satisfaction. We have seen similar situations in people who have a habit of missing outbreakfast”, Commented Lady.

“It is necessary to counteract overeating (and prevent the weight gain that occurs as a result). That’s why we’ve tried to identify those behaviors (and dietary habits) that both provide a sense of reward and satisfaction and reduce hunger for high-fat foods. ” Eating a breakfast rich in protein is one of them.

Source: Psy Blog