October 16, 2021

Chrome extensions will need to be more transparent about their data usage

When it comes to web browsers, extensions today are almost as important as the browser itself. Such software without the existence of extensions is almost useless in everyday life. But these extensions should be supervised.

The extensions of our web browsers allow you to perform a whole lot of actions around the navigation itself. Extremely practical for everyday use. Google Chrome has always been very supplied with extensions. Unfortunately, some of them can harm the user, hamper the surfing experience, or even worse, by including malware or overusing your personal data . Today, Google imposes more transparency on developers.

Google Chrome asks for more transparency from extension developers

Google has recently decided to clean up the extensions of its Chrome web browser . Very soon this will include more transparency from developers regarding your data. Indeed, the internet giant is introducing a new rule, effective from January 2021, which will require you to expressly notify any use of data on the Chrome Web Store file.

Creators will need to make explicit the type of data they collect, such as identifiers or personal information. They will also have to promise to respect the new rules in place, including the prohibition on reselling the data to third parties, using this data for purposes other than what it was originally collected for or using this data for any financial audits and operations.

A new directive effective January 18, 2021

Extension developers can start entering their explanatory text now, but it will not be visible on the Chrome Web Store until January 18, 2021. And to ensure that all comply, Google will send notifications to developers that will not have done it by then.

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This new directive does not, unfortunately, guarantee the honesty of extension developers as anyone can declare anything in this text. But it will then be easier to eject the most dishonest from the blind once the abuse has been proven. This new rule should also help with honest extensions. If you know exactly what an extension wants and what it needs to achieve its purpose, you can make a conscious decision whether or not to install it. Here again, a more virtuous circle has been put in place, for a cleaner and safer Internet.