October 16, 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 has problems with large savegames

Don’t make too much: Cyberpunk 2077 players should keep this in mind – large amounts of memory run the risk of losing progress.

The create menu in Cyberpunk 2077
                          The create menu in Cyberpunk 2077(Image: CD Projekt Red / Screenshot)

There may be difficulties when saving the game in Cyberpunk 2077 – the development studio CD Projekt Red has officially confirmed this. Where exactly the error lies and which platforms are affected has not been finally clarified. However, according to the current status, there are probably more problems with the PC version than with the console version.

One reason could simply be the size of the savegame. There are indications that the limit is around 8 Mbytes – at least that’s what the developers suggest on their Gog.com portal .

That in turn would mean that the PC version is affected, because on the Playstation 4 the game always creates save states with a size of 12.59 MB. On PC, the files get bigger and bigger as you progress.

In the company’s own forum, CD Projekt Red’s customer service has published a help text which also mentions possible problems with savegames on consoles. For PC gamers, the solution presented by the developers boils down to backing up the save files to another folder at the first sign of errors.

Then you should copy one file after the other into the original directory and try it out. According to the developers, the savegames are not usable when they are saved, but rather when they are loaded.

There are other indications that many recently manufactured weapons or other pieces of equipment in particular inflate the files too much. In this respect, cleaning up the inventory could help with this problem.

That shouldn’t be a big problem in Cyberpunk 2077 anyway, because with many objects you can clearly see whether they are still needed or have been replaced by clearly better alternatives. According to CD Projekt Red, the bug could be corrected in a future update.

The developers released the patch to version 1.05 for Playstation 4 and 5 as well as for Xbox One and Series X / S over the weekend. The update is now also available for Windows PCs, the overview with the changes can be found directly from the manufacturer.