October 16, 2021

Depression – When The Soul Is Sick

Depression is a serious mental illness. Negative feelings, listlessness or even disinterest over a long period of time indicate depression. It is important to talk to a doctor or psychotherapist in good time. The disease can be treated well today.

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Depression is a serious condition. A large number of people are affected one or more times in their lives, women more often than men. Depression, depressed mood, or tiredness can indicate depressive illness, especially if it lasts for a long time. People with depression often lose joy, for example in their hobby, in their work, in being with friends or even in being with their own children. Other symptoms of depression include poor concentration, poor self-esteem, and physical discomfort. People with depression should seek treatment from experts – a doctor or psychotherapist.

Courage to seek help

The stigmatization of depression in our society is still a major hurdle to good and successful treatment. Those affected often lack the courage to confide in an expert about mental health problems. Untreated, mild depression at the beginning can lead to severe depression. Severe depression can also trigger suicidal thoughts in patients.

The causes of depression are very different. Biological and psychological influences can be reasons for this. Personal factors can also have a big impact. Stress such as stress at work, the death of a loved one or problems in the relationship can be the trigger for depression.


Depression can be treated well today. The doctor or psychologist makes the diagnosis based on typical signs. The treatment of severe depression is usually the combination of drug therapy with antidepressants and psychotherapeutic treatment. In this way, negative thought patterns are broken down and recurring symptoms are counteracted at an early stage

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