October 16, 2021

Diet and smart working, what to eat to stay healthy while working from home

Smart working has now entered the daily routine of most workers: here are some tips on diet to follow, meals to eat and habits to stay healthy.

The smart working has now become part of the life of every worker: the pandemic, together with the need of social distancing to prevent the spread of the infection, actually led many people to use the “flexible labor”, mainly done from home. A convenience for some, a source of stress for others but undoubtedly a modality that brings with it numerous questions. Among these there is certainly the diet to follow to stay in shape: here, then, are some tips on what to eat in smart working , when and how to do it without your health being affected.

Smart working, what to eat to stay healthy

The possibility of working from home has undoubtedly changed the culinary habits of workers: before, in fact, the lunch break was in use with the possibility of bringing a quick meal from home or going to the bar during the time off from work while staying at home the possibilities of cooking are certainly greater. This, however, is not always good: it is easy, in fact, to overdo it, giving life to exaggerated meals that not only make you fat, but also make work less productive.

Nutritionists and conspirators advise to keep the rhythm of meals with the three main ones – breakfast, lunch and dinner – to which are added two snacks, perhaps with fruit or yogurt so as not to get too heavy. It is also important to eat at regular times, because the rhythm of our diet has a crucial influence on metabolism and consequently on our health.