October 16, 2021

Do you need physical training in the world of E-Sports ?

Many are probably wondering what exactly e-sports are and why they are increasingly in the spotlight. After all, we are talking about playing video games, where is the sport in the whole story? By the way, this is one of the common questions we can encounter in addressing this strange discipline. However, the answer is not so difficult. E-sports often gather fans of team video games, and in recent years it has turned out that a number of sports tournaments are organized with enviably high prize funds.

There are several reasons why this discipline falls under the attention of sports. We start with the fact that here, as in any other sport, a strategy is needed. Training, albeit in cyberspace, requires time and a variety of scenarios. And although popular physical activity is often lacking, we can see that here the mental load is many times more, putting electronic athletes at approximately close levels of stress.

Moreover, one mistake during the short rounds, which according to the title can last between 5 and 20 minutes, costs the loss of the whole team. Usually the organizers of this type of tournament choose games in which the individual player has absolutely no chance. Clashes that generate serious attention most often occur on the platforms of Dota 2, League of Legeneds, Counter-Strike: GO and Fifa. Due to the presence of short rounds and the requirements of the games themselves, we can witness multiple changes in strategy, transition from attack to defense, as well as some bolder decisions, which in most cases immediately show whether there will be a result or not.

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As expected, the increasing attention also attracted the interest of bookmakers. The e-sports section is also present at native bookmakers such as Winbet. In the platform we will find a nice option as a live broadcast, and when it comes to e-sports, we recommend that you pay attention to the winbet bonuses , loaded with better conditions for the entire sports spectrum, including e-sports. But where is the physical training?

Surprisingly or not, here we are talking about the need for quick reaction and reflexes, which are achieved precisely with good physical preparation. The speed of the game is high enough to make it difficult for any player who is in bad shape, and we can see that often even in e-sports injuries occur, mainly in the hands. If we have to describe the physical tension during a game, we can give the best example with the musicians.

They have to be accurate at all times and deliver the right note at the right time, and when we talk about team sports, imagine the harmony of a playing orchestra – the requirement is practically the same. In other words, e-sports offer the same load and tension, require a very clear mind to achieve the dream victory, but the special difference is that physical activity is not as visible as it could be in another sports format.

However, this does not mean that a large number of e-athletes do not train. By the way, many say that it is the visit to the hall that helps to reduce the tension. However, if you still think that e-sports have not deserved such attention and do not belong to other sports, then where should we put sports chess? It turns out that anything can be a sport when there is one main feature available – competition.

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