October 22, 2021

EA investigates illegal sales of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cards by employees

EA will investigate rumors that employees of the company are selling FIFA Ultimate Team cards for thousands of euros. Several messages circulate on Twitter from players who were able to buy rare cards through a contact person at EA.

According to reports circulating on Twitter under the hashtag #EAgate , cards from rare players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Ruud Gullit are selling for thousands of euros. Chats show someone who may be associated with EA offering the FUT cards.

For the time being, it is about unconfirmed rumors, but EA announced on Twitter on Wednesday that it will investigate it anyway.

Fifa rumors

It was already known that there is illegal trade in FUT coins that can be used to buy packs of cards. Never before have there been reports of specific cards being obtained in exchange for money.

The FUT cards are controversial as they are available through lootboxes. Players have criticized this system as it is unclear what the odds are of getting a specific player. For some categories of players, the odds of winning are less than one percent, which means that FIFA players will be left without a rare player even after spending thousands of dollars.

EA is now also under the magnifying glass of the gambling authorities in various countries, because the system is very similar to gambling. In Belgium , the sale of these loot boxes has already been discontinued for this reason.