October 16, 2021

European Commission launches alliance for advanced chip production

The European Commission starts an alliance to promote the production of advanced chips. The alliance should investigate ways in which chip production can be increased and how Europe can become more independent in this area.

EU seeks to supercharge computer chip production - BBC News

The European Commission announces the new semiconductor alliance along with a second alliance for cloud technology. Public and private parties can register for these initiatives. To do this, they must be established in the EU and meet a number of cybersecurity criteria. The committee then determines which parties join the two alliances.

With the alliance for semiconductors, the European Commission initially wants to investigate what it takes to improve the production of advanced chips. Worldwide chip shortages continue and Europe is no exception. In addition to solving these deficits in the long term, the European Commission also wants to look with the alliance at how Europe can compete better.

The committee’s wish is for the EU to develop production capacities for producing 5nm to 2nm nodes. Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said “The Semiconductor Alliance must redistribute semiconductor manufacturing capacity worldwide and ensure that there is capacity in Europe to produce the most advanced chips of 2nm or less”.

The alliance’s arrival was announced earlier this year as part of the EU’s plan to strengthen its chip sector. Manufacturers reacted mixed to the European Commission’s initiative. It remains to be seen who will join and what this alliance can mean for the development of semiconductors in the EU.

The second alliance focuses on developing cloud services. Here too, the European Commission considers it important that the EU becomes more independent. With the help of the alliance, new services and technologies should be developed for both consumers and businesses.