October 16, 2021

Everyone wants to be like TikTok. Now Google is trying again with YouTube Shorts

It used to be stories, now they are short 15-second videos copying TikTok. If you don’t have them, you can pack it right away. At least that’s what it looks like on social networks. After Instagram, YouTube adds a similar feature.

He recently came up with his own version of this Instagram format, which he called Reels. It basically works the same as TikTok and now also YouTube . Record (or record) up to 15 seconds of video into the app, add effects, music, and publish. When editing, it is also possible to use various tweaks, such as the image from multiple cameras, a timer and the ability to control the video speed.

The new Short will be loaded from the bottom bar.

You can also add licensed music on all services, and YouTube promises to grow the offer. Watching then takes place across the entire screen in a typical layout, where the controls for comments and likes are at the bottom and a simple swipe down will take you to the next video.

YouTube Shorts  fit perfectly together and just show that Google is doing its best to keep creators from switching to other platforms. the truncated version of the stories already works, so now only another function will be added. If you use YouTube through the mobile app, you can expect this news to become more popular in the near future. This also applies to Instagram, which Reels wants to get in a separate tab.

Who just doesn’t have 15-second videos like they haven’t. Shorts is currently targeting Android phones in India (more and more companies are choosing the local market as a starting point – Reels also started ), followed by iOS and a gradual launch to other countries around the world.

This is how competing Instagram Reels work: