October 29, 2021

Facebook is willing to give its source code to the competition to create a social network in order to get rid of monopoly accusations

The accusations against Facebook by US regulators who point to it as an illegal monopoly led Mark Zuckerberg’s social network to hire a new group of lawyers to implement a strategy to free it from such accusations.

Facebook is willing to modify both its business practices and provide its source code to competitors so that other social networks can be created, according to a Washington Post report .

To avoid litigation, providing the code would make it easier for newer or smaller competitors, such as TikTok, to “obtain a license to access Facebook’s user relations network, so that they can more easily create their own version of one. social network “.

The Federal Trade Commission rejected Facebook’s offer and followed up with the antitrust complaint against the company, accusing it of using the power of its platform to stifle smaller competitors and seeking to undo the WhatsApp and Instagram acquisitions .
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According to the report, regulators were increasingly convinced that Facebook had systematically sought to acquire or eliminate all of its rivals, employing “illegal” tactics to become one of the most profitable digital services in the world.

Facebook had long disputed the claims. In an attempt to illustrate its commitment to competition, the company’s top attorneys said they would be open to changing some of their business practices , according to three people familiar with the matter.

Additionally, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is also facing new scrutiny over an alleged deal with Google to coordinate ad networks. A Wall Street Journal report published Monday expanded the details of the alleged ad network deal between the two companies guaranteeing that Facebook would win a particular percentage of the bids on the company’s auction site, which could constitute a collusion between the two companies.