October 24, 2021

Female lung cancer is the cause of hormonal imbalance? Expert answers

Recently, there has been a widespread rumor in the market that “Excessive secretion of “estrogen” will increase the risk of lung cancer among women’s friends.” Many women therefore refuse soy products thousands of miles away. But is there such a thing? What do nutrition experts think?

Are women more likely to suffer from lung cancer than men? Excessive specific estrogen, causing lung cancer is the culprit

Professor Wang Jinkun from the Department of Nutrition of Sun Yat-sen University of Medicine said that when discussing whether to prevent lung cancer from the upper body, it is necessary to eat less soy products in order to avoid excessive intake of phytoestrogens and induce lung cancer. Hormones are the main culprit in women’s lung cancer”.

Professor Wang Jinkun explained that the reason for such a statement on the Internet should be related to the following factors. In fact, many related studies around the world have found that from the perspective of physical sex alone, the rate of women getting lung cancer in their lifetime is much higher than that of men, and the mortality rate is also higher. According to the National Cancer Institute (National Cancer Institute) data, when men and women do not smoke, the rate of women suffering from lung cancer is much higher than that of men.

In recent years, the academic community has discovered that once the specific estrogen content in lung cells is too high, it may cause mutations and cancerization of genes in lung cells.

But why is the proportion of women suffering from lung cancer so high? Professor Wang Jinkun pointed out that in recent years, academics have discovered that human lung cells produce estrogen by themselves regardless of whether they are male or female. Therefore, once the specific estrogen content is too high, it may cause the gene in the lung cells to mutate and become cancerous.

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However, women are affected by their innate physiological structure, and the secretion of estrogen is inherently high, so the risk of cancer in the lungs is naturally much higher than that of men. In addition to lung cancer, the incidence of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer is also related to excess female hormones (estrogen).