October 16, 2021

Four tips for a healthy bowel on the holidays

At Christmas time, not only does the figure suffer from the sweet and savory temptations – the intestines also have to work hard. With a few tricks, however, the digestive system can be relieved and unpleasant symptoms can be prevented.

Woman drinking tea by the Christmas tree
The pre-Christmas season and the holidays attract with all kinds of delicacies. Sweet cookies, stollen, juicy roasts or, for example, mulled apple wine .

Most people should be aware that these delicacies could quickly make themselves felt on the hips, willy-nilly.

What few people have in mind: feasting and partying also have an impact on intestinal health.

Gut suffers from unhealthy lifestyle

The intestine shows unnschöne side effects in the whole gluttony: bloating , flatulence , cramps or constipation often occurring effects of too much sugar, fat and alcohol over the Christmas holidays.

According to nutritionist , these symptoms show that the unhealthy food actually triggered a change in the intestinal flora .

“Such a diet reduces powerful and useful bacteria and creates an environment in which less desirable bacteria can thrive,” she explains to the English-language portal ‘ 9Honey ‘.

“Those who already have sensitive bowels can experience increased digestive discomfort and inflammation, as well as symptoms of leaky bowel.”

It is not absolutely necessary to do without

The negative effects of this persistent diet of unhealthy foods and alcohol are enormous. In addition to intestinal problems, sleep disorders can also occur.

Fortunately, there are a few tips on how to survive the Christmas days – despite feasting and partying – well and healthily without having to give up.

1. Don’t drink alcohol every day

What should actually be clear: Even during the Christmas season, you shouldn’t drink alcoholic drinks every day.

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After every alcoholic drink, it is best to drink a glass of water – this keeps the body hydrated.

“Poor hydration can lead to digestive stagnation and make the hangover far worse than it should be,” says Alwill.

2. Rely on fiber and protein

If an alcohol-rich evening is planned, one can prepare the body for it in the best possible way during the day by eating more nutritious and fiber-rich foods.

Fresh foods in particular should be at the top of the menu: Fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and seeds are good for the body and provide high-quality nutrients .

“The inclusion of high-fiber foods will quench your appetite, which will reduce the chances of overeating,” explains Alwill.

“This helps the intestines clear toxins from the body the next day and also promotes beneficial bacteria in the intestines.”