October 29, 2021

Google adjusts search algorithm to fight online defamation

Google is adjusting its search algorithm so that websites that place unproven incriminating claims about individuals will no longer appear in search results when searching for personal names. That writes the American newspaper The New York Times.

How to Remove Defamatory Search Results From Google

Websites that spread defamatory messages about individuals are highly destructive and highly profitable , according to New York Times journalists . According to the newspaper, individuals who become victims have to pay a hefty price to third parties to take the same harmful information offline. To give these websites less clout, the search giant is now adjusting its algorithm. As a result, websites with defamatory claims will no longer be shown in the search results when searching for personal names.

According to The New York Times , people who have been victims of such sites, and who report this to Google, are internally labeled at Google as ‘known victims’, which means that other content with their name also no longer appears in Google Search results.

According to David Graff, Google’s vice president for global policy, this move will have a positive impact. “It’s not a perfect solution, especially from the start. Still, I think it will have an impact,” he said.

It was previously possible to submit a request to Google to stop displaying personal information on the internet in Google Search results. That is, if there is a risk of identity fraud, financial fraud or other damage.