October 22, 2021

Google Chrome introduces tab grouping for everyone

Google Chrome gets a new feature. It is a grouping of cards that is made available to all users. This way, you can create groups that are assigned the appropriate colors and names. The novelty appears in the Google Chrome update with the number 85.0.4183.102.

Google announced tab grouping in Chrome some time ago . Now the novelty is implemented for all users of the program. It comes with the app update 85.0.4183.102, which was released earlier this week.

Thanks to the new feature, Google Chrome users can create special groups with tabs, which they will assign colors and names . This will help keep order better. In this way, you can create an unlimited number of such items. There is no limit here. Below you can see an animation showing how it works.

Tab Grouping is now available in Google Chrome on Windows and macOS computers . For now, we will not find such a function in the browser for mobile devices. It is not known whether the novelty will also appear in Android and iOS. The latest edition of the popular program can be found in our Download section.