October 29, 2021

Google Cloud updates Anthos to help companies modernize key business applications

On August 26th, Google has updated Anthos to help companies modernize their most critical business applications.

Google Cloud updates Anthos to help companies modernize key business applications

  Google Anthos is a hybrid cloud application development platform that runs on the open source Kubernetes container orchestration software. It is designed to host applications that can run on existing local hardware and public clouds, which allows enterprises to choose the infrastructure that best suits each application.

With Anthos, applications are usually deployed in software containers to host the various components of each application and make them easier to use. Kubernetes plays a central role by simplifying the management of large containerized application clusters.

Google Cloud product and design vice president Pali Bhat said: “In the past few quarters, customers have been very interested in Anthos. Digital has changed from a channel to a way of doing business.”

According to him, in the second quarter, Google saw more than 100,000 customers use the company’s application modernization platform, which consists of Anthos, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run and Cloud Functions.

Currently, digital transformation of enterprises has become an inevitable trend. As an important infrastructure construction for enterprise digital transformation, hybrid cloud combines the elastic expansion of public clouds, reduces initial construction costs, and protects confidential data in private clouds. It also plays an increasingly important role in enterprise transformation. . Anthos can help enterprise developers deal with complex distributed application software, allowing enterprise customers to complete their own cloud transformation.