October 16, 2021

Google gives Android apps password checker and Google Maps dark mode

Google has announced several new features for certain Android apps, including Password Checkup. This checks whether the password that users enter in apps has been stolen or not. Password Checkup was already in the Chrome browser.

Google Maps dark mode

When users with Autofill enter a password in an app, Google checks this password . If this password appears to have been stolen before, the user will receive a notification. In this notification, the user is advised to change this password. The feature works on smartphones with Android version 9 or higher.

Google also announces that Maps will get a dark mode. This app already switched to a dark mode in navigation mode in the evening, but now Google is introducing a setting that allows the app to be used continuously in dark mode. Android Auto also gets games, support for custom backgrounds and shortcuts.

The Messages, TalkBack, and Assistant apps are the last three apps to get new features. In Assistant it should become easier to give commands when the phone is locked or remote. Before that, it has shortened certain cards , which can be read faster.

Users can also give permission to process certain personal user data when the screen is locked. When users consent, they can, for example, send text messages and make phone calls when the phone is locked.

In Messages, users will soon be able to schedule messages to be able to send them at a later time. Finally, TalkBack screen reader has been updated with improved gestures and menus. The announced Android functions will be released in phases to smartphones from Tuesday.