October 24, 2021

Google is experimenting with new video player on ChromeOS with flush buttons

Google is experimenting with a new video player in ChromeOS. Chromebooks already have a built-in video player, but users often complain about it. According to Android Police, Google is now working on new software.

ChromeOS video player

According to Android Police, the new video player is in a test version of the operating system for Chromebooks. The new video player would use the same underlying technology as the Media app with which ChromeOS also shows images. In particular, the playback bar at the bottom is different. It now floats in the UI and has larger buttons and controls.

There are also new buttons in the controls. For example, the sound can be adjusted directly with a slider and there are two buttons next to the pause button with which users can immediately rewind or forward ten seconds. Additional settings can be turned on via a pop-up menu, such as a repeat function and subtitles.

Google is testing the new feature in Canary version 91.0.4463.0. Users can invoke the video player by calling the flag chrome://flags/#media-app-video. It is not known whether the new video player will actually come in the final version of ChromeOS.