October 22, 2021

Google stops Measure app based on ARCore

Google has decided to pull the plug on the augmented reality yardstick Measure. It works on the basis of ARCore. No new updates to the app will be released, the app will no longer be supported and new users will no longer be able to download the app.

Measure Google

The app was released by Google in 2016, as part of Google’s ar project Tango. The app uses augmented reality and the camera to measure the distance between two points on an object in space. In 2018, the app was released as an ARCore app, which allowed the app to work on more devices.

Android Police noted on Tuesday that the app can no longer be found for users who had not previously installed the app. The link to the app page of Measure has also been taken offline. And those who previously installed the app will now get a message that the app is no longer supported and is not being developed further. The app will continue to work for anyone who has already installed the app.

In addition, the changelog states that the current version of Measure will be the latest version of the app. Measure’s last major update was in 2019. Since then, there have been only bug fixes and minor updates. The app is still available via APK Mirror, but can no longer be downloaded via the Play Store.