October 22, 2021

Google will continue to invest in Stadia: they promise more than 400 games on the way

Google will continue to invest in Stadia: they promise more than 400 games on the way

Launched just over a year ago, Google Stadia has failed to establish the expected dominant position in the gaming market . However, Jack Buser, Game Director for this cloud-based gaming service, raised expectations for the coming year by saying that Google Stadia will receive 400 new games very soon.

The executive revealed that Google has no plans to abandon the project. Between Stadia, Google Play and YouTube it is clear that the powerful search engine company recognizes gaming as one of its most important businesses. Maybe that’s why, as Jack Buser has said, Google has already planned all of 2021 for Stadia.

Google Stadia is here to stay

Being then recognized as one of the most important projects of Google, we cannot help but imagine that its catalog will increase more and more until it can compete with platform libraries such as Steam or Epic Games. Maybe even with the catalogs of consoles like Xbox or PlayStation.

And while it is true that Google Stadia is still a long way from those numbers, 2021 seems to be a vital year in that sense. In an interview with the MobileSyrup  site , Jack Buser anticipates that Google Stadia will receive 400 new games in the near to medium-term future. Specifically, it seems that the figures refer to all of 2021 as we can deduce from their statements.

Jack Buser revealed that the entire schedule of releases and updates for 2021 was roughly already developed and that they were currently in charge of doing the same with 2022. But it is a guarantee that those more than 400 titles are already contemplated.

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Unless the plans for 2022 are well advanced, the logical thing is to think that the vast majority of those titles will be arriving next year.

Google Stadia still has other hurdles to overcome: accessibility beyond European countries and North America, to begin with. As well as its price in emerging markets and also being able to guarantee a quality service in those countries.

But for all this we will have to keep waiting because Google still wants to consolidate in the local market before making the great international leap.

Source: Mobile Syrup