October 16, 2021

Google will pay One billion Dollar in News publishing costs to publishers worldwide in the next three years

On October 2nd, on Thursday, local time, the CEO of Alphabet’s Google said that Google plans to pay 1 billion news fees to publishers worldwide in the next three years . This move may help Google win the support of news publishing organizations.

For a long time, news publishers have been fighting for the world’s most popular Internet search engine to pay for the use of content. In particular, the European media group requires Google to pay for the use of content.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) said that Google’s new product called News Showcase will be launched in Germany first. German newspapers such as Der Spiegel have signed agreements and have signed contracts with Folha de S. Paulo, Band and Infobae in Brazil.

In addition, Google will also launch the product in Belgium, India, the Netherlands and other countries. Approximately 200 publishers in Argentina, Australia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, and Germany have signed the product. In Argentina, Australia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada and Germany, about 200 publishers have also signed up for Google’s product.

Pichai’s blog post said, “This financial project is our biggest commitment to date. It will pay publishers to create and curate high-quality content for different types of online news experiences.”

According to data, Google’s parent company Alphabet made a net profit of 34.3 billion U.S. dollars and revenue of nearly 162 billion U.S. dollars last year .

Google’s product News Showcase allows publishers to select and display their content, launched in Google News through Android devices, and is also applicable to Apple devices.

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Pichai said, “This approach is different from our other news products because it relies on a single publisher’s choice of what to show readers and how to present it.”

The German publisher Spiegel Group (Spiegel Group) welcomed this Google project.

Stefan Ottlitz, General Manager of Der Spiegel, said, “With the new integration of News Showcase and editorial content from Spiegel and others, Google has demonstrated their serious attitude towards supporting quality news in Germany. I joined in from the beginning.”

News Corp. also showed enthusiasm for Google’s product. Previously, News Corp had urged the EU antitrust regulators to take action against Google.

News Corporation CEO Robert Thomson (Robert Thomson) said in a statement, “Google’s emphasis on quality journalism and its understanding of the dysfunctional and almost dystopian editing ecosystem, we applaud. The future will be There are complex negotiations, but the principles and precedents are now established.”

However, the European Publishers Council (EPC) is critical of this matter. The council members include the “News UK”, “Guardian”, “Pearson”, “New York Times” and “Schibsted”.

EPC Executive Director Angela Mills Wade said, “By launching a product, they (Google) can impose terms and conditions and undermine legislation designed to create conditions for fair negotiations, while claiming that they are Provide funding for news creation.”

Google is negotiating with French publishers, and French publishers are one of Google’s most outspoken critics. Australia wants to force Google and Facebook to share advertising revenue with local media groups.

Google’s funding for news organizations has frustrated other Internet publishers, such as weather sites and recipe tool sites, which claim that Google has hurt their revenues.