October 16, 2021

Google will take more control over security updates from Android 12

Google will take more control over security updates from Android 12

Google is about to change the rules of the game for its operating system according to inside information found by the XDA Developers site. Everything indicates that Android Runtime will be part of Project Mainline from the arrival of Android 12. That is, in just under a year and that would give Google an unprecedented control.

One of the most important additions of Android 11 to the universe of this mobile operating system was Project Mainline. While Project Treble ensured that manufacturers could dispense with coordinating with service providers to receive updates, Project Mainline allows Google to update parts of their OS without coordinating with their manufacturers.

From Android 12 Google would have full control over Android Runtime

What is Android Runtime or ART? In short, to clear unnecessary complications Android Runtime is a function of Google’s operating system to translate the byte language of an app into native Android instructions. It is the function that facilitates the communication between the apps and the OS itself.

Transforming Android Runtime into a module within Project Mainline would mean that Google can update it at any time without the need to distribute OTA (over-the-air) software. Simply put, you can update it without consulting smartphone manufacturers and almost imperceptibly.

And if the decision to include ART as a Project Mainline module becomes a mandatory requirement for future smartphones, Google would be guaranteeing its absolute control on all Android devices across its hierarchy. Always in the case of smartphones with Android 11 or Android 12, of course.

Android Runtime will be part of Project Mainline and that could result in spontaneous security updates and greater control of the customized software of each manufacturer. Thus begins a power fight over control of Google’s mobile operating system and manufacturers have about a year to prepare.

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Source: XDA Developers