Meal after a long day or stressful situations

The ability of food to soothe is one of today’s most interesting phenomena. However, such relaxation and calming, especially in the evening, is the reason why many figures are damaged.

Imagine a long, hard day’s work, during which you probably didn’t have time for a good lunch, just coffee, candy or muffins in your stomach, which can be quickly condemned. Then the way home and, oh, great joy: a warm dinner that not only fills your stomach, but also makes you calm down and feel comfortable, protected. You always want to prolong such feelings. Various studies confirm that people who eat a meal immediately after a tiring or stressful day consume huge amounts of calories.

What to do? Allow your head and body to recover a little after the day’s run and start eating no sooner than after 30 minutes.

Lack of control

Yes, there are people who claim that following weight readings is a waste of time. However, the fact remains – those who understand that control must be winning, but by running their own outlines and weights in their own flow, can recover when the number on the scales is well above the norm and it is already difficult to correct the situation.

Do not see control as self-shaking, but as a matter of course (just like brushing your teeth in the morning). If at first it seems like an additional burden, over time you will understand how certain processes affect your body and you will be able to live in harmony with yourself.

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But it’s good if you don’t like scales at all – put on control pants, a skirt or a dress – so that they serve as your yardstick and keep you in shape at all times.

Fast or empty carbohydrates at every meal

No, no for muffins, buns, chocolate. All of this has no serious nutritional value. You run into a vicious circle – snack, after a while your appetite reappears. Choose quality products with good nutritional value. Empty carbohydrates go hand in hand with extra pounds and elevated sugar levels.

Complex products

It’s no secret the food industry, like others, is interested in earning, but not everyone does it in good faith. Products whose composition is complex and supplemented with various additives – semi-finished products – are not desirable. Choose simple products and prepare the meal yourself, this will control the amount of salt, sugar, eliminate unnecessary additives and make the food healthier.

Portion size

Have you noticed that in many places of catering the portion size has increased? You don’t have to live by the principle of eating everything on a plate. You need to eat as much as you need to feel good and be healthy.