October 16, 2021

How much collagen is enough for a day?

On the market today, collagen is used in two forms: regular collagen and concentrated collagen. Concentrated collagen is a type of collagen in the form of a super-molecule, with a very small size, so it can accelerate its absorption efficiency many times more than conventional collagen. Not only that, concentrated collagen also adds 10 to 20 times higher levels of amino acids, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline than normal collagen. These amino acids play an important role in building fibrous tissues under the skin, helping to slow down the formation of wrinkles and dullness, helping the skin to be firm and shiny.

If the use of collagen usually requires 10,000mg – 20,000mg per day, when using concentrated collagen, just supplementing 3,000mg – 5,000mg per day is enough. Because the absorption capacity and nutrient content of concentrated collagen is much higher than normal collagen.

Depending on each age, the influence from many different environmental and social factors makes the amount of collagen lost in each person’s body, and the amount of collagen needed to supplement is also different. Drinking collagen in too low doses will not see the effect, but it is not necessary to drink the higher amount of collagen, the better, because excess collagen due to not being absorbed by the body will be excreted extremely wasteful, no. However, it can also cause the body to experience side effects such as burning, burning pimples.

Except for some cases such as when the skin is damaged (needles, nonmetals, lasers …), the concentration of concentrated collagen needed to supplement can be up to 8,000mg -10,000mg / day for the skin to quickly recover. .

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How long does it take to take collagen to see the effects?

The natural skin regeneration cycle at each age is different: from 18 – 25 years old takes only about 20 days; while from 30-40 takes up to 30 days, the process has now slowed down almost twice as long. Finally, around 50 years old, the skin regeneration cycle is very slow, up to 90 days. Therefore, the time to see the effects of taking collagen varies from age to age.

For young people, the skin regeneration cycle is shorter, it can take less than a month to see the effectiveness of collagen. But for people between the ages of 40 and 50, it usually takes 2-3 months to see the changes clearly, because the skin regeneration cycle at this age takes longer.

However, women should not stop taking collagen when they see that their skin is already beautiful because natural collagen in the body will always decline with age. Entering the age of 25, skin will lose 1.5% of the collagen / year, 30 years old will lose 15% of the collagen, at 40 years old it is 30%, by the age of 50 it is 45%.

Therefore, collagen intake needs to be maintained with age, at an older age, regular collagen supplementation is more important and necessary.If you stop drinking, the lack of collagen in the body will make the skin become dull. , poor vitality and wrinkles also appear from here.

How to take collagen effectively

Normally every day, the body is still supplemented with collagen by diet through some foods such as: Pork nails, chicken feet, avocados, fish such as salmon, herring … Rich in collagen often contains high fat content, most women are afraid of fat so they rarely dare to eat these foods. The amount of collagen to supplement the body every day is not met enough through diet, so it is possible to supplement collagen with supplements.

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Another tip for women is to take collagen in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before bedtime. Because this is the time when the metabolism and cell production takes place strongly, at this time the absorption of collagen will be better, helping to maximize the use of that product.