October 22, 2021

How To Protect A Shared House? I Reached 5 Agreements With My Roommate

  This week, a lot of office workers have returned to the city to start the resumption of work mode, and many people have returned to a multi-person rental life. In view of the clustered outbreaks reported in many places, many people are worried. Is the possibility of cross-infection increased in shared housing with people coming and going?

  So in the first week of resumption of work, I reached these agreements with the co-tenants, and today I will share with you the personal protection guidelines in the co-rented house ↓

  • Before returning: be honest and understand each other

  Take the initiative in advance and roommates communicate actively filing their cases, especially physical health of nearly 14 days;

  Side by side tap to check the physical condition of the roommate and the contact history of the suspected patient and the epidemic-prone area. If the following two conditions exist, it is recommended to conduct safety isolation for 14 days to confirm the safety before returning to the shared room.

①Symptoms such as cough and fever

② Suspected patient contact history or contact history in high-incidence areas

  Be frank and confess before returning. I believe everyone can understand each other.

Tips: Before you return, you must contact the landlord to confirm the situation of the residential community, because many small villages are now under closed management. Without a pass, you cannot even enter the community.

  And some communities are more hardcore and directly perform spy war movies, don’t let the secret code let in …

After returning : Do personal cleaning and disinfection

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  The first step after going out is to do the three steps of personal cleaning:

Take off your coat and hang it in a ventilated place, and wear shoes outside the door;
Remove the mask and fold it into the trash bin.
Use wet paper towels or alcohol disinfection tablets to clean and disinfect personal items such as mobile phone key wallets;
Finally, wash your hands with soapy water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

▲ Correct posture for washing hands


① Masks are in short supply now, and disease control experts say that ordinary people can not change their masks one at a time. If they are just going to work for daily grocery shopping, they do n’t reach the crowded place. use;

② Try to choose the same pair of shoes and the same jacket when going out

  • Wrong peaks use public areas to reduce encounters

  If it is not necessary, try to minimize contact with roommates and use public areas such as the living room and kitchen. Meet with roommates, try to keep a distance of 1 meter away, while wearing masks on both sides. Wear masks as much as possible, even when using public areas alone.

Tips: Personal items should not be placed in public areas, such as water cups, toothbrushes, towels, etc., and brought back to the room after use; mobile phones, computers, etc. are not used in public areas, reducing the possibility of pollution.

  • Clean and disinfect the kitchen in time

  After using the kitchen, especially those that have processed meat and eggs , clean them up in time and disinfect the stove, cutting board and other props .

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Tips: Medical alcohol (75% alcohol) and 84 disinfectant (mainly hypochlorite and hypochlorite) are the first choices for home disinfection . Both disinfectants can effectively inactivate new coronavirus.

  • Cover the toilet flush

  Some experiments have shown that pollutants will splash out when the toilet flushes, so remember to cover the lid when flushing; throw used paper towels directly into the toilet and wash away , don’t stay in the trash.

Tips: Generally, the toilet has two flushing methods, straight flushing and siphoning. It should be noted that straight flushing may not flush light and floating items. Therefore, if you want to throw paper towels into the toilet, you need to confirm the flushing method of the toilet at home.

  Speaking of which, I have to boast of my landlord. Fortunately, he installed a siphon toilet in the decoration. The drainage capacity is really strong. After wiping the fart, the paper towel can be thrown in and washed away. Save time and peace of mind. (Manual : I praise you, do you think about rent reduction?)

  In the end, I wanted to say that as long as everyone can do a good job in personal protection, go out and wash hands frequently , and take care of the public health environment, don’t worry too much about cross-infection in shared housing. Spring is here, I believe we can defeat the virus soon

For More Information Please Only Visit The Offical Webiste of World Health Organization.