October 24, 2021

Increase your energy easily and naturally

If you’re feeling tired and are turning to energy drinks, caffeine, or stimulants to help, it’s time for you to reflect. There are simple and natural things that could increase your energy level and that you could incorporate into your daily life. Here I explain what they are about .

In a society where we want everything fast, lightning fast, and right away, it’s no wonder energy drinks  have become so popular. There are a variety of energy drinks  with a variety of components. Some with better components than others and some even quite dangerous. Many of these drinks are high in caffeine  and other stimulants that help boost energy  and stay alert.

We all need a nudge once in a while, but if you are using high doses of caffeine and other stimulants on a regular basis, you should examine why your body needs that nudge to function. It would be wise to consider that if you are tired there  could be an underlying cause for it, and by not listening to the signals of your body you will not have the opportunity to connect with its needs. Could it be that you are not getting the proper nutrients, you are not getting enough sleep or you have a lot of stress among many other possibilities? It might be easy to bypass your body’s signals and kick it into gear when it doesn’t want to cooperate, but in the long run this is probably not a good option.

There are a number of ways to increase your body’s energy level, not with over-caffeinated or stimulant-filled drinks. They may not be an immediate solution, but they help us to raise the energy of our body in a more comprehensive way. A wonderful way to increase our energy level, even when we feel very tired, is to introduce small segments of movement throughout the day. Walking for a few minutes at a time helps increase our energy level, relax our minds, eliminate stress , sleep better,  and perhaps even make a better selection of our foods.

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It is difficult to think of moving when you are very tired, but inserting small periods of movement throughout the day helps us raise our energy level. Even 5 minutes of walking every now and then can make a big difference in your day. If it is still difficult to find that amount of time, because you feel extremely tired or because the day does not allow it, then you can do some stretching  and / or deep breathing. Continuous movement, stretching, and concentrating on breathing are all important components of a balanced life, so adding any of these elements to your life is helpful.

By adding deep breathing segments to your day, you can take a few minutes to do something as simple as focusing on your breathing . Your mind will probably start to think of other things and your task is to refocus it on your breathing. Alternatively, another exercise you can do is to begin by exhaling and exhaling as much air as you can (without feeling dizzy and when you have exhaled as much as possible from your lungs, inhale again. There are many options regarding breathing exercises, but the above are simple and can be done for about 3 to 5 minutes.

If you add stretch segments to your day, try to hold them for 20 to 30 seconds and focus on those positions that help your posture. Many people benefit from stretching the pectoral muscles, the neck, the back of the thigh (or hamstring), and perhaps the lower back.

I hope these tips help you and have a fabulous day full of energy!