October 16, 2021

Indian government wants manufacturers to make more laptops and tablets in India

Over the next five years, the government of India would allocate about 800 million euros to give manufacturers an incentive to produce more tablets, laptops and servers in the country. Several manufacturers are already producing smartphones in India.

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The Indian government wants to use the money to lure manufacturers to India for production in order to create jobs, Reuters reports . The news agency relies on anonymous sources. The Indian government would like to present the plan within two weeks.

The plan would fit within the Make in India program . Within that program, the Indian government is trying to get producers to build factories in the country. For example, Apple already produces various iPhone models in the country, while large smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi also have phones produced in India.

The companies will listen to the program, according to Reuters, as many manufacturers are trying to become less dependent on Chinese factories.

China and the US have been in a trade conflict for a few years now, which makes having products made in China a potential risk. That is why manufacturers are moving to Vietnam and India.

Reuters reports that Apple, among others, has reported to cooperate in the program. The American company would like to have iPads made in the country. It is unknown which producer would do that. Foxconn, among others, which assembles many products for Apple in China, has already planned an iPhone factory in India.