October 29, 2021

Intel sells NAND memory to SK Hynix for $ 9 billion!

Another very important semiconductor deal closed today, as Intel agreed to sell the NAND memory development and manufacturing division to Korea’s SK Hynix for $ 9 billion ! SK Hynix acquires all Intel activity in the field of NAND SSDs (components and wafers) and takes over the Intel production unit ‘s in China (Dalian).

Nevertheless, Intel will retain ownership of Optane and continue to grow. Note that Intel and SK Hynix will seek approval for the acquisition from the competent authorities in 2021 and it will take almost 4 years to be officially completed.

If all goes well, SK Hynix will initially pay $ 7 billion to Intel for the transfer of all infrastructure and staff to the NAND SSD division, as well as the production facility in Dalian, and all wafers and Research plans. and Development will pass into the hands of the Koreans in 2025 for $ 2 billion. Until then, Intel will continue to manufacture NAND wafers in Dalian and will own the design and production of these memories.

Source : [ SKHynix ]