October 24, 2021

iPhone 11: Apple replaces display module in case of touch problems

iPhone 11: Apple replaces display module in case of touch problems

Apple has started to recall certain batches of the iPhone 11 (test), which appeared around a year ago, and started the replacement program for the iPhone 11 display module in the event of touch problems especially for this purpose. The affected iPhones no longer respond to touch and are repaired by Apple for free .

The display module is exchanged free of charge

Affected smartphones of the iPhone 11 model, which were produced between November 2019 and May 2020, are qualified for the repair and exchange program.

The program therefore only includes the iPhone 11, but not the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple itself speaks of ” a small percentage ” that no longer reacts to touch due to problems with the display module.

To verify that your device is eligible for the exchange program, the serial number must be entered on the Apple website . The serial number of the iPhone 11 can be found in the iOS settings under “General -> Info” or on the back of the original packaging.

The replacement of the display module can be arranged through an authorized Apple service provider, by appointment in an Apple Store or the Apple technical support . According to Apple, the data on the iPhone should be backed up prior to the repair.

Additional costs may apply

Apple advises that any damage or defects that affect the replacement of the display module must be addressed prior to repair. A cracked display is given as an example. These additional repairs can be associated with costs; the replacement of the display module itself is free of charge.

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The replacement program does not extend the warranty of the iPhone 11. The current exchange program is valid for up to two years after the device is first sold. Users who have already paid for a corresponding repair although their iPhone 11 was affected can request a refund.