October 22, 2021

Japanese company shows solid-state battery with high storage capacity

The Japanese industrial company Hitachi Zosen has developed a 1000mAh solid-state battery. That is one of the highest capacities developed with the technology to date. The company wants to use its battery in heavy industry and aerospace.

Japan's major carmakers pushing for solid-state batteries - electrive.com

According to Nikkei Asia , the battery technology used would not harbor solvents and contain fewer impurities, making it more efficient and safer with the stored energy. In addition, the battery would withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 100 ° C, allowing the company to see a whole range of deployment options.

In 2025, the company wants to double its production capacity and select an external partner to enter the commercial market.

Thanks to the practical advantages, Hitachi Zosen wants to investigate whether the solid-state batteries can be used in heavy industry and space travel. To test the latter, the company concluded an agreement with the Japanese space agency JAXA, which will subject the batteries to studies in space this autumn for six months.

JAXA will test a prototype solid-state battery with a capacity of 140 mAh measuring 65x52x2.7mm and weighing 25 grams. The battery will be connected in parallel with fifteen other cells. These cells together will contain approximately 2.1Ah of current capacity.

Solid-state batteries are considered one of the battery technologies with a promising future. The lack of flammable liquid electrolyte makes solid-state batteries safer to use and innovative high-voltage materials provide increased energy efficiency and reduced self-discharge. However, there are still many challenges on the agenda, including expanding the storage capacity.