The pandemic has even changed the way we do our makeup. Now we emphasize the look, and not the lips that are hidden under the mask. One of our tools to emphasize our eyes is of course mascara. But let’s see how to remove it properly in order not to injure the most fragile area of ​​the face. In addition, we learn what is the right eye makeup remover in order to protect the lashes.

The right way to remove mascara

First, avoid alcohol-based makeup remover. We prefer biphasic cleaning products or oils, such as coconut oil and castor oil, which have the ability to break down pigments without rubbing.

Steps : 

  1. We always start our make-up removal first from the eye area and then on the face.
  2. If we wear lenses, we remove them so that they do not get dirty from the oils of the make-up remover
  3. We soak a make-up remover disc with our composition and place it on the eyelid. Leave it for about half a minute, so that the oils are activated and the mascara begins to dissolve.
  4. If we have applied rich layers of mascara, and it has made our lashes hard, then we put an extra amount of cleanser in the make-up remover tray and leave it to act for a longer time.
  1. Then we proceed to remove it with gentle movements. The direction of our movement is from the roots of the lashes to their ends. Not from right to left.
  2. If necessary, soak a new make-up remover disc until we see no remnants of mascara.
  3. Continue with the make-up remover of the rest of the eyelid.
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Tip: If our lashes are plucked or look weaker than usual, the mascara is probably over. Experts recommend that we should not use it for more than 3 months. However, this is relevant, and depending on its use and where we store it, its lifespan may be longer.