October 16, 2021

Microsoft: Some new Bethesda games are only coming to Xbox and PC

Microsoft confirms that it will release some new Bethesda titles exclusively for Xbox consoles and PCs. The company says this in a message about the completion of the acquisition of Bethesda. It is not yet known which games are involved.

“Gamers should know that Xbox consoles, PC and Game Pass are the best places to experience new Bethesda games, including some new titles coming exclusively to Xbox and PC in the future,” writes Xbox CEO Phil Spencer .

It is not yet known which games are involved. In any case, the wording indicates that Microsoft is not going to keep all of Bethesda’s games exclusively for Xbox and PC gamers. These could be major games in development, such as The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield. Microsoft could also choose to release those titles on more platforms. However, Spencer previously stated that it is not necessary for Microsoft to do that in order to recoup the purchase price.

Xbox and Bethesda

Spencer reiterates that Bethesda is meant to continue making games the way they do now. Microsoft says it wants to enable the different studios to ‘reach even more players’ and to make future Bethesda titles the ‘biggest and most popular games’.

Later this year, Microsoft will announce more about its plans after the acquisition. In any case, more Bethesda games will be coming to the Game Pass subscription later this week, but which ones they are is not yet known.

Bethesda has also published a notice confirming the acquisition. The company expects its studios to continue as they have in the past, but with “more support and more resources.” To mark the occasion, Bethesda has made a video showcasing the games from his studios.

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On Monday it appeared that Microsoft has received approval from the European Commission for the takeover of Bethesda. The $ 7.5 billion transaction was approved by the US stock market watchdog SEC last week. Microsoft announced the deal in September last year. T