October 24, 2021

Mimestream – Download now the Gmail app for macOS while it’s free

If you’ve been bitter (like me) because there is no mail manager on macOS that supports smart features like Gmail, you can now download the beta of Mimestream .

This is an app written by Neil Jhaveri, a former Apple programmer who worked in the department responsible for developing the default Mail app on macOS.

Mimestream uses Gmail API instead of the default IMAP to be able to support special features that only Gmail has, such as inbox classification by categories, automatically assigning names and signatures that you have set up when sending mail. go, integrated label (label), or advanced search features, … Jhaveri will add more features in the future such as support for Google Drive, configure email filters from on the server, and autocomplete paths to folders in your G Suite, …

The advantage of Mimestream over using Gmail’s web application is that it supports multiple accounts in a single inbox folder, hierarchical notification notifications, Dark Mod support, gestrures gesture features, tracking (tracking prevention), …

Jhaveri said that Mimestream only connects directly to Gmail without using any intermediary servers so the app won’t collect your data.

Mimestream is only FREE for a short time when it’s in beta and will be a paid app distributed on the Mac App Store. You download it right before it’s too late.

Note that it requires at least you must be using Catalina.

Link for you to register for a free trial: https://mimestream.com