October 22, 2021

Mozilla removes ftp feature from Firefox 90

Mozilla is permanently removing the ftp feature from Firefox 90, which should be released in June. That lets the developer know on his website. Mozilla previously announced that this feature would be disappearing from Firefox, but did not announce exactly when this would happen before.

Mozilla to Drop FTP Support in Firefox 90

Mozilla says in a blog post that starting with Firefox 88, the feature will be disabled by default, although users can then enable the feature via the about: config page, using the network.ftp.enabledoption. In Firefox 90, the feature is permanently removed. The corresponding flag becomes read-only in that version , preventing users from manually enabling the feature.

Mozilla reports that ftp has been added to the protocol_handlers list. This gives users the option ftp://to open links in an external application when they are entered into the browser. The browser itself therefore no longer offers access to such ftp sites.

Removing ftp from Firefox comes as no surprise. Mozilla reported last year that the feature would be removed from the web browser in 2021. The feature would be disabled by default in Firefox 77, but Mozilla later delayed this. Ftp has been disabled by default in Google’s Chrome browser since version 88 and will be removed from the codebase in Chrome 91.