Kathleen Melanson, a professor of nutrition at the University of Rhode Island, says the phenomenon is explained by a combination of genetic and behavioral factors. The share of these factors differs from person to person, so it is not just about metabolism.

First of all, it is very possible that our perception of people who do not gain weight is wrong. For example, someone can eat ice cream daily without gaining weight, but this is because that person compensates for the calories consumed by eating less of other foods.

Another secret may be the habit of these people to eat very slowly. Thus, the feeling of satiety appears even after only a few slices of pizza.

Basically, if we strictly measure the calories these people consume, we might have a surprise: eat less than we expected, even if they enjoy “forbidden” foods.

And sport can make a difference. Even if a person eats a lot, he will not gain weight if he burns the calories consumed, ie if he exercises enough. It is not mandatory to jog or go to the gym. Even playing with children or walking burns a lot of calories.

Moreover, regular physical exertion stimulates the metabolism: the cells that form the muscles will be more numerous and more active, consuming more energy. Thus, the body will burn more calories to provide the necessary energy. According to experts, there is no clear evidence that some people burn more calories without exercise.

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However, there may be physiological differences that help some people feel full faster. In this way, they will eat less because they feel the need, without having to refrain. They simply have less appetite and get tired faster. Hormones play an important role in this regard, especially leptin.

However, the genetic predisposition decides a person’s tendency to gain weight. The researchers identified 250 genes that are associated with obesity. They noticed that weak people have fewer such genes.

However, it’s not just the eyelashes that decide body weight! This means that many genes associated with obesity can be found in people who are weak, even if they have a genetic predisposition to obesity.

Therefore, we can control our body weight if we lead a healthy lifestyle. However, the tendency towards obesity exists, and if we notice that a person is fatter, this does not automatically mean that he is also a gourmet.