New Version Of Gmail Will Be Officially Launched Next Month

As part of the Early Adopter project, Google earlier this year invited many users to participate and experience the new version of Gmail . In a blog post published this Monday, Google reconfirmed that the new version of Gmail will be available in July . According to Google’s explanation, any Gmail user can activate the new interface at present, just visit , click the settings in the upper right corner and select “Try the new Gmail” to experience.

According to Google ‘s official explanation, there are three options for G Suit administrators after July :

1. Migrate Now all users to the new version of Gmail in

2. allow the user to decide according to their needs whether to switch to the new version of Gmail in

3. Set a four-week transition period for users to upgrade to the new version of Gmail

The new version of Gmail is equipped with many new features, including Snooze delayed processing and Smart Compose , and supports offline functions. The new delay processing button can delay to other time such as tomorrow morning when there is no time to process the mail at present , and the user can also confirm the delay time according to their own situation.

The Smart Compose feature uses artificial intelligence to provide simple suggestions as users write emails. Once this option is activated, the user can try to create a new email, and then when you enter, you will see the recommended content provided by the Smart Compose function . If you can accept the recommended content, just press the Tab button to take effect automatically.

Smart Compose is an extension of Google’s Smart Replies feature. Smart Replies is currently able to provide users with three suggestions when launching email Gmail . Gmail recently released this feature to desktop users.

In terms of offline functions, users can create, search, delete / archive email messages without a network connection, and synchronize after regaining network connection. However, this requires users to run Chrome 61 or above and activate “Enable offline mail” on the newly added “Offline” tab on the settings page . Here you can also check the storage space that Gmail can use on the computer side and the synchronization aspect. Related settings.