October 16, 2021

Now Apple is going for high-end solo sound: Meet Airpods Max

After months of rumors swirling around an upcoming full-size Apple headset, Apple is now releasing its first over-ear headset: the Apple AirPod Max.

Here, Apple combines its characteristic brushed aluminum with an interesting braided solution in braided ‘mesh’, which should make the headset comfortable and breathable in use.

The headset comes opposite the small earplug counterparts in a multitude of colors: black, silver, blue, green and pink.

Apple Airpods Max can be pre-ordered right now and will have its sales debut on December 15th.

The price is around  781 USD.

Adaptive sound

Inside the Airpods Max you will find a 40 millimeter driver, which is driven by an H1 processor each earcup, which among other things ensures 3D sound and active noise reduction.

The built-in computing power also assists in creating so-called ‘adaptive sound’, where the sound automatically adapts to the headset and the geometry and fit of the ears.

In addition, there is a special state of transparency, where relevant sound such as voices are allowed to pass the active noise reduction.

The battery on board is lit to hold power for up to 20 hours of use with both active noise reduction and 3D sound turned on.

The new Airpod Max comes with a case called ‘Smart Case’, which leaves the headset in sleep mode with minimal power consumption.

The actual charging takes place through the included Lightning cable.

Special Apple capabilities

According to Apple, the Airpod Max will offer ‘unheard of wireless sound, whether listening to music, making calls or streaming movies, series or playing games.’

In use, Airpods automatically recognize Max when put on, while a built-in Siri speech recognition will assist in everyday life.

Here, the company also promises that the ‘magic setup experience’ that characterizes Airpods and Airpods Pro will also be found when the headset is set up for the first time.

At the same time, the Apple Airpods Max aims to work optimally with other Apple devices. Among other things, it will automatically switch between connected devices such as Mac, iPad or iPhone depending on use.

At the same time, the sound from one device can be shared with another Airpod when streaming audio from an Apple device, such as Apple TV 4K.