October 29, 2021

Official: US Department of Justice File lawsuit against Google

The rumors and information of the last few months have recently been confirmed in the best way, as the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Google in order to check the latter for its monopoly practices in online search and advertising.

In particular, the Department of Justice along with 11 US states claim that Google is illegally running a monopoly in the field of search and “advertising through search” through exclusive agreements. Google is paying billions of dollars to other companies to make its own search engine the default choice on devices and platforms such as Apple iPhones. The lawsuit also alleges that Google’s policy is to pre-install its applications on Android devices, which in most cases cannot be removed.

The Ministry of Justice describes Google as the ” gateway to the Internet ” and therefore considers its practices illegal because they violate the basic rules of competition. He also stressed that if the US does not address these issues now, then they risk being left out of future technological innovations.

It seems rather strange that this case was opened just a few weeks before the US Presidential Election, but the outcome of this lawsuit could dramatically change what we consider to be data for Google, search and Android OS. After all, they have already contacted Google to discuss all the matter, while similar lawsuits are being prepared by the EU.