With A Better Visual Experience, Thanks To Its Impeccable Image Quality, OLED Technology Comes To Replace Led Televisions.

In the history of televisions we have heard about LCD technology, after LED, which was the highest standard when it comes to quality and accessibility. But there is a new term that is on its way to become the new standard: OLED technology.

In 2013, the South Korean company LG Electronics was the first to market an OLED TV. Currently LG is the only manufacturer of OLED panels for televisions supplying 19 brands worldwide.

One of the main competitive advantages of OLED technology is that it manages to reproduce perfect pure colors and blacks thanks to its organic self-illuminating pixels.

Thus, after establishing itself as the # 1 technology in the television industry due to its impeccable image quality, OLED technology continues to establish standards in both the film and artistic fields, which is why LG launched a new television. specially designed for art lovers:  LG OLED Gallery .

Perfect blacks, Infinite contrasts

LG OLED’s philosophy of “perfect blacks, infinite contrasts” is thanks to the unique ability of this technology to totally turn each pixel on and off.

This new series of LG OLED Gallery televisions exists in 55, 65 and 77 inches with a unique minimalist aesthetic, which was made possible thanks to the revolutionary OLED panel technology that does not require a backlight, unlike LED or LED “Premium ”Such as QLED, which require a backlight source, which is why they offer saturated colors and lose precision.

OLED technology, the new standard in televisions

Photo: Courtesy LG

The 65-inch LG OLED Gallery has an ultra-slim design at just 20mm thin, making it possible to mount it flush to the wall just like artwork in a gallery.

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At first glance, the new LG OLED Gallery TV could pass for a detailed textured masterpiece. However, when we touch it, we realize that it is a television and not a canvas.

A new generation of smart TVs

The new LG OLED Gallery TVs integrate the third generation α (Alpha) 9 intelligent processor to offer better Artificial Intelligence capabilities than their predecessors, taking advantage of additional processing power and advanced deep learning algorithms to further improve the quality of Image and sound.

As far as Artificial Intelligence is concerned, these new televisions integrate LG’s own Artificial Intelligence platform: AI ThinQ. This allows that with just a voice command, it is possible to control your smart ecosystem at home, in addition, through the ThinQ application it is possible to control any compatible device from your cell phone.

The new LG OLED Gallery are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to facilitate your life and make it much more convenient.

Definitely this new generation of televisions becomes the perfect option for those demanding consumers of a better visual experience.