October 16, 2021

OnePlus and OPPO to integrate codebase OxygenOS and ColorOS

OnePlus and OPPO will integrate the codebase of their mobile operating systems. Last month it was already announced that OnePlus would become a subsidiary brand of OPPO. The two brands had already announced a closer collaboration.

OnePlus Merges OxygenOS With ColorOS: What You Need To Know

In a blog post , OnePlus announces the new update policy for various smartphone models. The manufacturer also announces that it will integrate the codebase for its own OxygenOS with ColorOS from OPPO. OnePlus emphasizes that the two operating systems will continue to co-exist, but that this will allow better collaboration with the OPPO team. According to OnePlus, this ensures better development of the operating system.

The manufacturer also immediately announces new update policies for various models. For example, all phones from the OnePlus 8 and newer will receive at least another four years of security updates and three major Android updates.

The Nord line will receive at least two more major Android updates and security updates for three years. Finally, the Nord N series will only receive the next major Android update and also three years of security updates.

Last month, an internal memo revealed that OnePlus will be a subsidiary brand of OPPO. The two brands already worked closely together, but the internal documents showed that OnePlus will be housed at OPPO. The memo states that OnePlus will remain an ‘independent entity’.