October 22, 2021

PUBG to migrate from Tencent to Microsoft Azure, to avoid deadlocks?

KRAFTON, the publisher of the famous battle royale, could hope for a return to India after being banned from the country several weeks ago.

The South Korean group has announced that the partnership with Microsoft will concern both PUBG in its console and PC versions, but also PUBG Mobile .

A switch to Azure servers to strengthen personal data security

For KRAFTON, this switch to Azure servers is mainly explained by a concern to strengthen the security of players. The company explains in particular that ”  the company will work with Microsoft to ensure the protection of personal data through Azure  .”

The publisher also recalls in his press release that Azure is at work for many massively multiplayer titles, and that Microsoft offers many technologies and tools to increase the security of user data.

KRAFTON also explains that the data management will be carried out according to the regulations in force in each country where PUBG is present . Information that identifies a player will be stored in accordance with local privacy laws.

A migration that would be a response to the ban on the title in India

If KRAFTON has not further explained this switch to Azure servers, we can hypothesize that the ban on the battle royale in India weighed in the balance.

As a reminder, the Indian government banned PUBG and a hundred other Chinese software last September , and justified this withdrawal by citing national security issues. The partnership established with Tencent Games, the Chinese conglomerate that publishes PUBG Mobile , is said to be the cause of this conflict against the backdrop of tense diplomatic relations between India and China.

Since PUBG Mobile is no longer published by Tencent in India, but the government has not changed its position either. Through this partnership established with Microsoft, KRAFTON hopes to finally convince Indian officials and allow millions of players to regain their title.

Source: Neowin