October 16, 2021

Reduce Stress: 7 Tips to slow down your life !

It is paradoxical: technical inventions such as dishwashers, smartphone apps or timers should relieve us of work or at least make it easier. You’d think that would give us more time to relax. But the opposite is the case: Because we have more time, we tease ourselves more and we get even more stressful.

“Acceleration” is the phenomenon of our time

The sociologist Hartmut Rosa has defined a term for this phenomenon: “acceleration”. According to him, acceleration is the core element of any modernization – and thus the blessing and the curse of our time.

Due to the more possibilities, we are under constant pressure to do as much as possible, to enjoy life and not to miss anything. However, this does not lead to more satisfaction, but to the opposite – in the worst case to burnout. We can counteract this by slowing down.

Slowing down in everyday life: 7 methods that help reduce stress

With a few simple methods we can slow down our lives and reduce stress. We have put together seven tips that anyone can easily integrate into everyday life.

1. Say no

Sounds easy, but we often find it difficult: Cancel the coffee date with your in-laws if you don’t have the nerve and don’t commit to looking after a friend’s cat on the other end of town if it’s too much for you .

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If we notice that an appointment or a task is stressing us, we are not obliged to be polite and can say no in a friendly manner.

2. Use waiting times to take a deep breath

The queue at the supermarket checkout, the traffic jam on the way home, the delay in the subway – (short) waiting times stress us enormously because we are calibrated to ensure that everything should go quickly and we are often in a hurry. The anger that arises doesn’t change the situation at all, it only makes it worse. This is exactly why we should use this time to take a deep breath.

In such situations, concentrate on yourself, breathe calmly, feel how you are doing, which emotions you are feeling and keep in mind that it does not help if you are upset about the current situation. You will see: time goes by faster and you are also more relaxed.

3. Digital Detox – Digital Detox

The acceleration of our life is also related to digitization. Through digital media we are exposed to a constant flood of information, we are also constantly available and are constantly under pressure to miss something. That stresses you.

In our article Digital Detox: consciously going offline, you will find out how you manage to consciously omit smartphones, PCs and tablets in everyday life.

4. Live in the moment

We sit at work at the computer – but our thoughts are somewhere in the South Pacific, while shopping, on Instagram or Facebook. When you find yourself wandering, try to consciously focus on the present. Where are you now? What do you do? And how do you feel? With a little practice, we can slow down our everyday lives by staying in our head where our body is.

5. Take time out – or just do nothing

You don’t have to go to the other end of the world on vacation to take some time off. Usually a day or even an hour is enough to relax. Write in a diary, get some fresh air, go hiking or biking, read an inspiring book, lie in the bathtub, meditate or just do nothing.

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Something different helps everyone to relax. The main thing is: regularly and consciously leave gaps in your calendar for these time outs.

6. Be mindful

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that originally came from Buddhism. Specifically, it is about consciously experiencing moments and listening to one’s inner movements – without any judgment. This is how you reduce stress and slow down your life. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the positive effects of mindfulness practice on health and well-being.

7. Do sports

Reducing stress with the help of exercise is a tried and tested means. Simple sports such as jogging or walking are already suitable for slowing down. But many also rely on holistic sports such as yoga. They should train body, mind and soul equally and thereby help to relax.In the end,

It doesn’t matter which sport you do, as long as you feel comfortable and concentrate on training.