October 16, 2021

Samsung confirms the presence of the S Pen in new flagships

Samsung confirms the presence of the S Pen in new flagships

Rumors and leaks about the future of Samsung have anticipated all kinds of new smartphones and technologies. Tired perhaps of so much speculation, your communication department has created a new post on its official blog. And so, with its CEO at the helm, Samsung talks about its launches for 2021.

Without going into details or giving names, the president of its mobile devices division, TM Roh, has confirmed many interesting details for next year. The most striking of all of them may be the confirmation of the presence of the S Pen accessory in other flagships that will not belong to the Galaxy Note series.

Samsung will bet heavily on the foldables industry and suggests more affordable prices

In this new statement TM Roh begins by noting that the company he runs has “more to say” in January, winking at the representatives of the Indian subsidiary who days ago confirmed that January 14  will be the date of presentation of the series Galaxy S21.

It would consist of three flagships and, the most powerful of them, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, would have the S Pen pencil also mentioned in this statement.

But the S Pen would not only be present in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. TM Roh points out that by 2021 the South Korean company has serious plans for the world of foldables thus suggesting two things: a large volume of new devices , as well as a probable diversification of their prices.

And an affordable foldable is exactly what Samsung needs to popularize them. Since the Samsung Galaxy Fold debuted and, until today, when Samsung also offers us a Galaxy Z Flip , a Galaxy Z Flip 5G and a Galaxy Z Fold 2 , these flexible screen flagships have prices that range from the US $ 1,400 to $ 2,000.

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Returning to the mention of the S Pen present in other premium cell phones that do not belong to the Galaxy Note series, this, indirectly, is also a nod to the end of said lineage . For years the Galaxy Note have been known to be the largest and most powerful brothers of the Galaxy S and have distinguished themselves, above all, thanks to their compatibility with touch pens.

The presence of these small and useful accessories in smartphones from other Samsung series represents a clear threat to the identity of the Galaxy Note and, unless Samsung manages to devise a unique technology for the 2021 copies, the Galaxy Note 20 would be its last ambassadors.

Finally, Samsung talks about its launches for 2021 but also its focus. For next year TM Roh promises a special focus on the quality of its cameras. Specifically speaking of video technology, something that until now had been in the clear background behind photography.

Source: Samsung