October 22, 2021

Samsung robot vacuum cleaner with ‘security camera’ can bypass objects via lidar

Samsung has announced the JetBot 90 AI + robotic vacuum cleaner. The device includes a camera so that users can remotely watch what is happening in the house. The vacuum cleaner has a lidar sensor, among other things, to avoid objects and choose a route.

Samsung teases robotic vacuum cleaner with a twist - CNET

According to Samsung , the JetBot uses 90 AI + 3d sensors and a lidar sensor to recognize objects and navigate the house the way residents do. The lidar sensor is said to be comparable to the operation of lidars in self-driving cars. This means that many laser pulses are fired quickly, mapping the immediate environment, including the distance to objects.

The robotic vacuum cleaner can map distances of up to six meters and can classify objects so that the device can determine which objects to avoid and which cleaning session is appropriate. Thanks to Intel’s integrated artificial intelligence, which is trained on more than a million images of household items.

Samsung says the vacuum cleaner can recognize objects such as sofas, bookshelves, tables, towels, cables and dog bowls. It also suggests that the JetBot 90 AI + can recognize and avoid waste or junk where vacuuming would lead to an even bigger problem, such as dog poo.

The existing camera can be accessed via the Samsung SmartThings app, so users can remotely see where the vacuum cleaner is in the house while keeping an eye on it. The app can also be used to set zones where the vacuum cleaner should not go, to set up a cleaning schedule and to control the JetBot 90 AI + remotely.

Once the robotic vacuum cleaner has completed its tasks, it returns to the base station on its own to empty the dust bin. The JetBot 90 AI + should be released in the first half of this year for a suggested retail price of 1,499 euros.

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