It turns out that if you think that money and happiness are two mutually exclusive things, then you are definitely not spending properly.

In general, people are extremely sensitive to any change. When we receive a promotion or commission, we are really happy. At the same time, however, we are adapting to our new financial situation with extreme speed. Some research shows that with incomes of more than $ 75,000 a year (at least in the United States), people no longer feel satisfied with their new condition. What’s more, the people who win the lottery claim to be extremely unhappy. They spend all their money, indebted and destroy their social ties.

It turns out that money still can not buy happiness. However, new research shows that the problem actually lies in how exactly we spend our money. Instead of buying things just for yourself, get something for other people. Make them a gift and see how you feel. Research shows that people who spend money on other people feel happier. Those who buy things for themselves do not necessarily feel less happy. It’s just that their happiness is on the same level.

The emotional reward we feel when we give things to others is also found on a neural level.

However, if you are going to spend mostly on yourself, buy more “experiences” rather than “material things”. A trip or attending a specific event has a much stronger impact on the minds (and happiness) of most people (in the long run). However, while saving for these experiences, do not forget about your little daily joys. These small pleasures, which we allow ourselves from time to time, help us to pass more easily during the day, encourage change, which in turn stimulates the brain. Instead of spending 1000 leva for a new and unique carpet, which will provide you with a “one-time experience for the next 10 years”, you better get a cappuccino for 2 leva and drink it with your friends. The drink will provide you with different experiences each time and at the same time – potential opportunities to experience happiness.

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What’s coming out? Money makes our lives easier, but it can also greatly complicate it. After all, they can buy happiness, but only if they spend it the right way.