October 16, 2021

Scientists make diesel engines environmentally friendly with alcohol

Diesel engines are widely used in agricultural machinery, trucks, tractors, ships, diesel power plants, and passenger cars. They consume a huge amount of fuel, the exhaust gases from which cause significant damage to the atmosphere. In the course of experiments, scientists managed to find a solution to this global problem.


The authors of the startup ClearFlame Engine Technologies have proposed an alternative fuel for diesel engines in the form of ethyl alcohol. This technology includes all the advantages of a classic diesel installation, but at the same time it is more economical and produces a minimum of harmful compounds for the atmosphere.

It is noteworthy that in the process of a complete transition to decarbonated fuel, which became ethanol, it is not required to install a new diesel engine. Researchers have proposed specific guidance on modifying engine components to alter its thermodynamics. After design changes, the engine is able to ignite ethanol without any problem.

According to representatives of ClearFlame Engine Technologies, 80-90% of engine parts remain unchanged. At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by at least 40%, and the content of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides is reduced to almost zero.

The company plans to conclude contracts with manufacturers of diesel engines, as well as a “revolution” in the secondary market in order to modernize old diesel vehicles.

Source: techcrunch.com